1. The degree of specialization is excellent.

In 2019, the new Blue Whale International Label Fair, Blue Whale International Soft Packaging Fair and International Film Fair will be upgraded again, based on the East China market, professional radiation throughout the country, well-known response at home and abroad, is the largest label and soft packaging printing exhibition in East China in 2019.

2.Collect resources of global printing and packaging industry (label, soft packaging, film) industry chain and build one-stop purchasing platform.

The exhibition will cover the terminal packaging applications of food and beverage, wine products, medicine, daily chemicals, electronics and other industries. It will also extend the fields of label and soft packaging, covering the fields of printing, packaging, decoration, manufacturing, processing and application. It will provide a one-stop purchasing platform for industry buyers and strive to become an international exhibition that effectively penetrates the label printing, packaging and product industry chain in China. 。 The organizers will invite international label and flexible packaging exhibitors to join in, and truly build a communication platform between exhibitors and purchasers.

 3.The activities and forums in the same period are brilliant and colorful, so as to accurately grasp the development trend of the market.

The exhibition is equipped with high-end summits, printing and packaging industry forums, Golf kick-off tournaments, and other exciting simultaneous events and forums. Through all-round and deep-seated exchanges, it provides a broad platform for business matching and cooperation among professionals of global printing and packaging enterprises. To meet your comprehensive needs of information, trade, procurement, learning and expansion, we can easily harvest more business opportunities.

4.Parallel exhibition, grand scale, one exhibition, multiple harvest

The three exhibitions of label, soft package and film are parallel and on a grand scale, bringing together label printing plants, soft package printing plants (color printing plants), relevant suppliers of label soft package industry, end users such as electronics, food, medicine, personal care, alcoholic beverages, label soft package related media and associations to celebrate a grand event.

(1) The most authoritative professional exhibitions in the industry

The fields covered include terminal packaging applications in food and beverage, wine products, medicine, daily chemical, electronics and other industries. At the same time, the fields of labeling and soft packaging were extensively extended, covering all industries such as printing, packaging, decoration, manufacturing, processing and application.

(2) On-site high-quality simultaneous events and forums

To accurately locate high-quality buyers, invite elites from the industry to discuss market trends, latest technology, industry hotspots and cutting-edge issues in the printing and packaging industry through reports, listen to the voice of the industry, establish business links, enhance their competitive advantages, and promote the development of the industry. Indo-Baotou Gobi Bank, Golf Opening Competition and other hot activities gather industry people, focusing on industry news hotspots, close interaction and communication.

(3) Exhibitors gather a large number of high-quality enterprises to understand the development of label soft package industry

(4) Expanding new business needs and tapping potential customers

(5) Industry innovation 30 enterprises new product release, closely follow the trend of label and soft package industry, enhance product competitiveness

(6) Participate in label and soft package exhibitions, have a lot of opportunities to contact end users

(7) Flexible version, gravure two major associations, 100 media collaboration, a large scale



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