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1.The First Printing Exhibition Concentrating on Labels and Soft Packaging in the World

The exhibition will cover the terminal packaging applications of food and beverage, wine products, medicine, daily chemicals, electronics and other industries. It will also extend the fields of label and soft packaging, covering the fields of printing, packaging, decoration, manufacturing, processing and application. It will provide a one-stop purchasing platform for industry buyers and strive to become an international exhibition that effectively penetrates the label printing, packaging and product industry chain in China. The organizers will invite international label and flexible packaging exhibitors to join in, and truly build a communication platform between exhibitors and purchasers.

2.Regional advantages

The Yangtze River Delta region centered on Shanghai and the Pearl River Delta region represented by Guangzhou are the areas with the highest urbanization level in China. They have huge groups and huge economic radiation. The 3rd Blue Whale Exhibition is here to help the development of China’s package printing industry.

3. Propaganda throughout the year to enhance the popularity of the industry

One exhibition enjoys comprehensive online and offline publicity throughout the year. The publicity scope covers new media such as websites, microblogs, Weixin public numbers, circles of friends, sharing media, associations, agents resources, and multiple surprises of one exhibition.

4.Supporting activities and thematic forums run through the exhibition, which is brilliant and colorful.

Keep up with the latest market developments and share the interaction. Several printing and packaging industry meetings and on-site activities, facing the label soft package industry customer base. And the organizer of the special one-to-one trade matching meeting invites purchasing managers from the global online and offline printing and packaging industry to arrange one-to-one meeting and negotiation between exhibitors and buyers, or to reach direct cooperation intention with exhibitors at the exhibition site, which is an excellent way to improve the sales of your products.

5.Trustworthy Organizations, Strong Ability to Organize Audiences

Professional exhibition and conference organizations, in collaboration with Guangdong Hongwei Exhibition Group, have advanced exhibition ideas, rich industry resources and accurate promotion of 6W industry data. Integrate the data of the printing and packaging industry, invite senior buyers and professional audiences of the national printing and packaging industry to provide exhibitors with one-stop solutions of displaying resources, exploiting channels and establishing brands. Strong ability to organize audiences, through multi-channel organization of professional audiences and public audiences, based on the East China market, radiate the whole country and face the world, the printing and packaging industry is fully covered, and high-quality audiences bring strong buyers to exhibitors.

6.VIP invite buyer service, one-to-one exclusive service booking exhibitors in advance

July is the best time for purchasing. The VIP invitation buyer service is Blue whale Expo, which is a well-built trade communication platform for high-level or professionals with clear purchasing needs and purchasing plans. Exhibitors understand the purchasing needs, recommend and match the list of exhibitors and products that meet the requirements. Finally, it provides negotiation and meeting assistance for both parties on the spot to achieve accurate matching. It also provides matching services and meeting space for buyers who have temporary procurement needs on site. Immediately become VIP special invitation buyer, for exhibitors to arrange face-to-face exchanges with customers, to provide real and effective demand for orders.


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