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Exhibition scope

(一) Label Hall

  1. Label printing equipment, digital press, finishing equipment, slitters and rewinders, etc
  2. Servicing equipment(Prepress system, drying systems.)
  3. Equipment parts(cylinders, anilox rolls, doctor blades,  dies, and etc.)
  4. Papers, film, ink, pressure-sensitive tapes.
  5. RFID, smart label, electronics label.Security solutions supplier.
  6. environmental protection equipment.
  7. Printing printers. 

(二) Flexible Packing Hall

  1. Flexible packaging equipment.
  2. Equipment parts.
  3. Raw material.
  4. Industry service.
  5. Servicing equipment.
  6. Flexible packing printers.

(三) Film Hall

  1.  Functional film : laser film, and soft packaging film, etc;
  2.  Polyester film follow-up processing equipment: Coating machine, laminating machine, printing machine, laser machine, etc.;
  3. Control/detection:coiling system, tension controller, rectifying deviation controller, thickness measurement, defect detection, corona treatment, electrostatic dust removal machine, tensile testing machine, etc;
  4. * Special device: ultraviolet irradiation device and recovery equipment.


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